Golf outings are a fun and enjoyable way of getting friends, coworkers, clients, or other acquaintances out of the office or house. If you are hosting an outing or a women’s golf tournament, it is both customary and encouraged to provide gifts to your guests. But what are the best ladies’ golf outing gifts you can provide? Fortunately, has an incredible selection of giveaways for your event with the ability to customize with a company logo. 


Let’s take a look at some of the best ladies’ golf outing gift ideas to help make your day on the course a success.


  1. Golf Balls


Easily customizable with your company’s logo and perhaps the most practical ladies’ golf outing gift, you can never have too many golf balls in your bag!


  1. Golf Umbrellas


You always want sunshine at a golf outing—but golf umbrella giveaways make a tremendous contingency plan.


  1. Tumblers


For those morning rounds, every golfer needs a handy, high-quality tumbler for their coffee, tea, or even water.


  1. Divot Tool with Ball Marker


Something many golfers don’t realize they need until they are standing on the green, a divot tool with ball marker is a great ladies’ golf outing gift that guests can easily store in their bag and use for years.


  1. Golf Prize Pack


Turn a single ladies’ golf outing gift into several gifts with a golf prize pack. An incredible value, these kits can be customized to include golf balls, tees, towels, hats, divot tools, and more.