In your golf outing planning, you can include a variety of items that would intrigue all the participants. From a domed golf ball maker to a golf tournament gift set, there is a large range of prizes you can opt for while planning for a golf tournament.

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Your golf tournament should be exciting and thrilling. This way there would be immense competition and engagement among the participants. There is nothing more exciting than hit-in-hole competition to achieve your goals. But what about the golf outing kits? Believe it or not, the golf tournament kits for your hit-in-one are an important part of the [...]

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5 Best Ladies Golf Outing Gift Ideas

Golf outings are a fun and enjoyable way of getting friends, coworkers, clients, or other acquaintances out of the office or house. If you are hosting an outing or a women’s golf tournament, it is both customary and encouraged to provide gifts to your guests. But what are the best ladies’ golf outing gifts you can [...]

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Planning Golf Tournament Giveaways & Prizes

As many of you know, planning a golf tournament is no easy task. Between creating the day’s agenda, organizing and securing sponsorship payments, and planning contests, organizing golf tournaments and any golf outing can very quickly become a tedious job. knows  know how overwhelming this can be, so our team at have put together [...]

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Why Choose a Golf Valuables Pouch for your Outing?

If you’re charged with organizing a golf tournament, you know it is an exciting and detail-intensive job. One of the biggest keys to having a great golf tournament is providing an experience that is enjoyable for all the players. A nice lasting touch can be providing gift bags to participants, which is becoming a very common [...]

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Best Golf Outing Logo Gifts for 2021

Custom gifts are becoming the norm for golf tournaments. After all, it is a good way to reward golfers while ensuring that your logo is front and center. However, with many different golf outing gifts available, what are the ones to hand out for your next tournament? Let’s take a look at some of the best [...]

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How to Enhance Your Ladies’ Golf Outing

When many people think about golf, they tend to picture a group of older men negotiating business as they meander across the fairway. However, golf has transformed into a dynamic game that draws interest from nearly every sector of society. Golf is increasingly popular for women. In fact, five million women play the game each year [...]

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